About Me

My name is Irena. I’m a new mom, which is basically the most recent thing to happen to me and seems like the first thing you tell people when introducing yourself! I love my son, my family, the beach, eating, and some very boyish things like working out, cars, and motorcycles! The name of my blog basically describes the verbs of my life. Eat, because I truly love to eat and try new things which I will talk about in my blog. Pray, because God comes first. Though I may not attend church every week and I forget to pray sometimes, I still hold God as my almighty savior! Love, I’m in a relationship that has gone through some serious ups and downs. I’ll talk about that too! Lift, that boyish thing I said I do. Love fitness but I’m not a crazy person about it, I’ll explain later. Mom, that is what I’ve become and it has literally engulfed my entire being but man is it hard. One thing I’ll definitely share a lot about. I love to research things, I’m a virgo which makes me an insane over thinker and I express myself a lot better through my writing. I hope you enjoy my posts. I’m just a real, honest, down to earth, slightly crazy, a little off girl, but hey it makes me, me.


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