My Birth Story!

Finally, my birth story! It’s taken me long enough to write this post and lately I’ve been so full of love from Lucas that I knew this was a good time to finally post about it!

September 7th,2016 I went to work that day. I felt absolutely nothing that morning, I went about my normal day. Driving an hour to work and waddling around the office was no biggie. I did had to leave early since I had a doctors appointment to make sure all was good since I did have a scare the week before. I drove an hour back up to Wellington to see my awesome gynecologist Dr. Knowlton. She did the usual check, I was I think 70% effaced and 1cm dilated so we knew nothing was happening anytime soon. I took this chance to discuss my options, fears, and plans. She never did believe in plans, she would totally listen and do as you wanted but she always left it up to your body knowing when it’s ready. I always thought my body was “too small” to handle child birth. So I asked her what she thought and she said we should check the size of the baby in an ultrasound the week after and see if he can fit through the birth canal. If not, we can discuss possible C section. We had a great conversation, I asked her serious questions and she gave me the best answers. All in all, I left feeling confident and hopeful. I just decided I’ll pray and listen to my body!

That night, I remember taking a shower then heading over to the couch to watch TV. I started to feel this warm sensation down there. I thought, dammit I peed myself! But I didn’t sneeze or cough so I let it go. Then it felt uncomfortable, so I thought well it was from my pelvic exam probably I’ll go check it out. As I walked into the bathroom, it was waterworks. I mean a full on shower! Not like in the movies, but I was standing over a puddle! So I did what we all do, slightly panic calmly. I called my mom first and asked her what she thought and she said “OMG I’ll be right there”. She is also an hour away. Then I realized, this is it!!! I called John, “Hey, are you busyyyy?”. “Yes, I’m at the gym whats up?”. “My water just broke!!!”. I could hear the nerves and panic in his voice! He was an hour away too!

I calmly changed my clothes and walked over to the exercise ball and started bouncing. I thought, I have plenty of time. I called my doctor, they told me to go to the hospital but I waited a little. I kept bouncing and doing lunges and squats, and acting calmly! I decided, I should eat something small even though I was told no to but I know myself. I had toast with peanut butter and a protein bar! Random, but it’s all I could manage since I was secretly panicking by myself! Then I got our hospital bags ready as I waited for John then kept bouncing. He got home rather quickly, showered packed a bag and off we went!

We arrived at Wellington Regional Medical Center, let me tell you that this hospital is amazing. I was back and forth about hospitals but I’m so glad I chose this one. I’ll explain why later. John stops at Emergency and we are greeted by a security guard who grabbed a wheel chair. I said I’m having a baby, he said alright just give me a second. I said, I’m leaking sir and I showed him my pants. He said “OMG lets go now!”. We didn’t wait for John, he wheeled me up to L&D!

I was checked in and got lucky enough to have one of the biggest rooms on the floor. I was so happy and excited and nervous of course. This was all around 11pm at night so we  knew we were in for a longer night ahead. My mom finally got there shortly after, I was so happy that she was there. It’s true, a girl really needs her momma in a time like this! John came upstairs and all three of us played the waiting game. We prayed and got the night started. I changed into a labor gown I found on Amazon that was so so comfy. I met a few of the nurses who would be taking care of me, if it weren’t for these girls I wouldn’t have been able to get through my night. My nurse overnight was amazing, she acted like a doula. She did exercises with me, had me get up and move around, she did breathing with me, she gave me positive affirmations, she was amazing. I owe a lot of my progress to her and the other amazing nurses. For anyone else going through this, make sure you do the exercises and breathing techniques, they seem silly but they work!


Next came the epidural. John, he was amazing at this moment. I think we are all extremely scared of this injection. “If you move, you’ll become paralyzed!” John held me and said “You’re strong, you can do this, you’re going to be fine” and he was right. I took it like a champ! Then to our surprise, the medicine didn’t work! I felt everything on one side of my body but not the other! Then I couldn’t feel a thing and got extremely nauseous, then I felt everything! It really was a roller coaster!


19 hours later, painful contractions, and an epi that barely worked.. I woke up from a “nap” saying I was feeling a lot of pressure. The nurse checked me and said, you’re ready to push! We did some practice pushes while they called my doctor in and told her I’m a good pusher! She was there in 5 min. John was on one side, my mom on the other, I pushed for a good 10 minutes and after a few really strong hard pushes, Lucas was born ❤

4:53pm, I heard a little cry and my whole life changed. The amount of love that overcame me was indescribable. Then I held my baby and it was just so amazing. Words can’t describe that feeling. I looked over at John and seeing his eyes water up, this big strong man was vulnerable, it made me love him more than I ever thought I could. It was just an amazing experience.


My birth story was amazing because of God. I prayed so much for things to go the way they did and God heard me. He delivered. I owe it to God, John, my mom, my doctor, and those nurses for an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Should you be so lucky to have this experience, you are so blessed.


Irena ❤


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