Mom: Lucas is Sitting Up!

So I decided to start posting more on my blog to document Lucas’s life and everything else going on in mine as I had first intended this blog to be for! Lucas turned 6 months old on March 8th. The time just flew! It felt like it would take forever to get to the 6 month mark but it was here before I knew it. I haven’t done pictures or a celebration yet, I planned to do that this weekend with his father. We want to give him his first meal together as a family. I cannot wait! 

Earlier this week, just the day before he turn 6 months I wanted to try and sit him up. So I sat on the floor with him and propped him up! I scooted away and he stayed for about a minute until he toppled over! But he did it!

Now he’s getting the hang of sitting with toys in front of him. Picking them up and letting them go! He’s doing fantastic. Now we’ll work on getting him to prop himself up. A good mommy friend of mine showed me a great exercise she did with her baby boy, so that’s what we’ve been doing as well. This is so exciting and such a big deal in his development. Lucas I’m so proud of you my beautiful big baby boy! 

When did your babies start to sit up? 
– Irena 💙


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