Fit Mom.. who has the time!?

My first blog post of the new year and it just seems fitting that I speak about health and fitness since that’s usually on the top of everyone’s resolution list! It definitely is on mine! Tomorrow makes me 4 months postpartum. My fitness journey leading up to it has literally been all over the place. I have no schedule, no routine, no magic pill, or secret. Just literally been all over the place! Luckily, I am down to pre-pregnancy weight which I never thought I’d see coming because like everything else, I overthink and stress before anything actually happens! So, my resolution was to just get back into shape, better shape, and just enjoy the process regardless of how it goes.

Being a new mom, you really have to be creative with your time. Seriously, I have no idea how some fit moms do it. They look amazing with like a 2 week old and you wonder, how did she have the time?! Some moms that I follow really do put in the work and MAKE the time. Like I said, get creative with it. One fitness mom I follow said she would go at crazy hours of the night to work out! Me on the other hand, I’m freakin’ lazy. I admit it! I work full time from home, along with taking care of the baby 24/7, myself, the actual house, and the list just goes on. The down time I do have I research and read to disconnect, it helps me destress. I do get to go to the gym for about an hour or so sometimes, but I wish I could really go everyday and put my all into it. I’m just lazy! I would rather sleep! I take full advantage of when I can get some good ol sleep! The baby isn’t sleeping through the night, so when he is sleeping at night I sleep too. During the day, I do not sleep I’m on going like the energizer bunny along with him!

Point I’m trying to make here is, it would be lovely to be a fit mom but who has the time!? Well, we really do have the time we just have to be creative with it and really make it happen! It’s possible. If there are moms out there with more than one kid that can do it, surely I can too! WEEEE!

I made myself a little goal to achieve.. just one cheat every two weeks until March. Eat cleaner wholesome meals, workout when I can however I can, and just be patient and kind with myself and my body. Get creative! While I wash dishes, I’ll do kick backs! While I cook, I’ll do squats! While I hang out with the baby on the floor, I can do abs! It’s all possible! Who’s with me !?


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