Gender Reveal Party.. Should you have one?

img_9604Stole this from my old blog! I figured this was a great little post and I’ll share it on here!

Anyway, I’ll get straight the point of my post.. Gender Reveal Parties!! Should you have one? I never imagined having a party to reveal the gender of your baby. I don’t think I had ever seen that done before until recently actually. I’m pretty sure my family members would just do a photo or an email, or even just a phone call to let us know what they were having. But I stumbled upon this great little tradition and immediately knew it was how I wanted to reveal the gender of my first baby! And let’s be honest, it’s kind of an amazing idea?!

Right now, today, I’m 20 weeks pregnant (at the time hehe) but at 13 weeks I was able to get a blood test to determine the sex of the baby right away. I jumped right on that! I asked them to please put it in an envelope or something discreet and I would hand it off to my mom and best friend who would be the ones hosting the party. The suspense really did kill me. I had to wait about 5 weeks till it was time to have the party and if you’re pregnant or have been, you know finding out the sex is one of the main things you want to know right away!

The day before the party was my anatomy scan. I probably should’ve waited because this would just confirm what I was having but I trusted the envelope and closed my eyes when they would hover over the baby’s private parts and patiently waited for my party the next day!

The day is here and we are all preparing for the party! My bf is working on the house, cleaning outdoors, and getting the grill ready. My mom and best friend are over finishing cooking and setting up the food tables. I did most of the decorations and table setting as well. My mom and best friend did desserts and arranged the food and decorations for me.  It was coming along great! Most of the people we invited showed up and not one speck of food was left! It was a great little party! Now for the reveal!

My bf thought it would be great to incorporate my dog to help reveal the gender, I thought this would be adorable so we went with that. My mom and best friend came up with a way to include him and when it came to finally reveal it was the most confusing, hilarious, but amazing thing I’ve ever experienced! My dog came running out with a football costume that was green and a sign around his neck that said “Its a Boy!” but since he came out running like a mad dog, the costume was falling off, and the sign had turned I was confused for a couple of seconds until we could finally read the sign and with a huge wave of emotions my boyfriend and I hugged and cried a little bit! We got exactly what we had always felt we would have, a boy!

In my opinion, this has got to be one of the greatest ideas ever. To have a party or gathering with all your friends and family to reveal the gender of your baby. It was an amazing experience and I would encourage any woman expecting to do this with their family. To have a surprise, to let the suspense kill you a little, to see the reaction on your faces when you find out. It’s just an amazing thing! So, if you are trying to decide how to reveal your gender or if you even want to, this is a wonderful way to do it! Have fun with it because I sure did and so glad that everything worked out how it was meant to 🙂

** My son is now 3 months old and I still look back at these pictures and videos and remember the feeling that came over me when I found out his sex! What a amazing journey! Share yours with me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Party.. Should you have one?

  1. yooolka says:

    Congratulations! I’m also 20 weeks today!
    With our first baby we made this kind of party and it was amazing! It brought all our family together, and it was a very emotional moment for us. Good luck and take care.


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